About FlippingBook for Online Catalogs

Good have two strong points: interactivity and accessibility. First is necessary to keep your prospective customer’s attention on the content, make their journey to the “order” button pleasant and fun.

As for accessibility, it’s something that both customers and sales reps need. Being able to open the catalog on the tablet screen and find a specific item/page in a couple of seconds plays a huge part in transforming a simple document into an effective sales tool.

FlippingBook makes PDFs both accessible and interactive. It hosts them online, making them compatible via any browser and on any device. Plus, FlippingBook catalogs support links, embedded videos and pop-up images.

It’s easy to navigate around large catalogs with FlippingBook, too. Interactive Table of Contents allows jumping to any part of the document in a second, and with text search people can find the necessary item in a couple of clicks.